Dash Delta

D&D5e and Pathfinder bot for Discord

Dice Roller

Extensive dice roller with modifiers

You may tell me what how many dice you want to roll, how many to keep, drop, or reroll, all in one command.

Usage Examples

-roll d20 rolls a single 20-sided die
-roll 2d20kh + 3 rolls two 20-sided dice, and keeps the highest, and adds 3 to the result
-roll 4d6r<2dl Roll four 6-sided dice, rerolls 1s and drops the lowest

Possible modifiers

kh or khNKeeps highest. If N is not given, defaults to 1
kl or klNKeeps lowest N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
dh or dhNDrops highest N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
dl or dlNDrops lowest N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
r> or r>NRerolls greater than N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
r< or r<NRerolls lesser than N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
> or >NFilters out greater than N. If N is not given, defaults to 1
< or <NFilters out lesser than N. If N is not given, defaults to 1

Inline Dice Roller

Makes inline dice rolls

I will echo your sentence with the inline roll. Use [[]] to denote that you wish for the contents to be rolled.

Usage Examples

-inline slashes with his greatsword for [[d20+4]] shows the inline roll with the results bolded
-inline damages for [[d12]] slashing damage and [[d6]] fire damage. shows the inline roll with results boled

Possible modifiers

refer to dice rollerAccepts all the same modifiers as the dice roller.

Text Generator

Generates text from a table

You may search for database entries by name. If I cannot locate an exact match for your query, I will give you a small list of matches that I think may be what you were searching for. These matches can be scrolled through by react buttons, if reaction permissions are enabled.

Usage Examples

-generate tavern-name generates a short tavern name
-generate nation generates the description of a nation

Available tables

coinsDescription of a fantasy currency.
dndcharacterTaven from whatthefuckismydndcharacter.com
golemCreates a golem with random features.
gossipRandom rumours.
nameA funky name.
nationCreates the description of a new nation, useful for world building.
tableA table.
tavern-nameShort and simple tavern names.


Solves a mathematical expression

Solves a mathematical expression with basic operations and functions. Useful for things that the dice roller does not cover.

Usage Examples

-calc sin(30)^2 + 1 Shows 1.25

Available operations

ModModulus operator, gets the remainder. 5 Mod 2 results in 1
SigmaSummation eg. Sigma(1,100,n) results 5050
PiProduct eg. Pi(1,10,n) results 3628800
piMath constant pi returns 3.14
eMath constant e returns 2.71
CCombination operator eg. 4C2 returns 6
PPermutation operator eg. 4P2 returns 12
!factorial operator eg. 4! returns 24
loglogarithmic function with base 10 eg. log 1000 returns 3
lnnatural log function with base e eg. ln 2 returns .3010
powpower function with two operator pow(2,3) returns 8
^power operator eg. 2^3 returns 8
sqrtunderroot function, sqrt 4 returns 2
trigonometric functionssin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh are supported

Set prefix

Sets my prefix for the server

Sets the server prefix. If for any reason you forget the prefix, I still respond to @mention pings

Usage Examples

-setprefix ! Will respond to future messages that begin with !, disregarding the old prefix.


Records snippets

I can record blocks of text for later use.

Usage Examples

-addtag bob_smith bob is the best Records "bob is the best" to the tag "bob_smith"
-tag bob_smith Displays "bob is the best"
-taglist Shows a list of all the server's tags

Available commands

addtagAdds a tag.
tagDisplays a tag
deletetagDeletes a tag.
taginfoDisplays the details of the tag.
taglistShows all the tags in the server.


Records inline macros

I can record inline macros for later use. These macros are individual to the user.

Usage Examples

-addmacro stab stabs with his dagger for [[d6 + 4]] piercing damage and [[d6]] poison damage Adds the inline statement that can later be recalled by using "-m stab"
-m stab Displays "stabs with his dagger for 6 piercing damage and 4 poison damage"
-macrolist Displays the list of macros
-deletemacro stab removes the macro from the user's list

Available commands

addmacroAdds a macro.
macroRuns a macro.
deletemacroDeletes a macro.
macrolistDisplays list of user's macros.